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2023 Past Events

February 22, 2023

Fiscalité comparée et investissement

On the 22nd of February 2023, Israel Bonds International in France held an intimate conference on “Fiscalité Comparée et Investissements” with long-time lay leader, David Sillam, at the Élie Dray Synagogue (known locally as “Saint-Honoré Synagogue”).

Mr. Sillam, CPA, Auditor & Tax Advisor, sits on the Board of the synagogue and is well respected both professionally, and for his commitment to Élie Dray Synagogue. With the support of the Rabbi and synagogue President, he generously offered to donate his time to discuss taxation and investments.

The conference began just after the evening service with ~35 people in attendance. Rabbi Zini warmly welcomed the guests and gave opening words insisting on the obligation not only to try and live in Israel (when possible), but also to strengthen the State of Israel.

Mr. Sillam gave a clear and thorough talk with many opportunities for questions. The informative Q & A spanned taxation differences between France and Israel, to how to handle Israel Bonds holdings in the case of making Aliyah. The discussion was so engaging, it continued into the cocktail hour.

Israel Bonds is very grateful to Mr. Sillam for a very enlightening and dynamic evening and to Élie Dray Synagogue for hosting the event.

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