Israel: Vaccination Nation

There are good reasons why Israel’s Ministry of health chose “Back to Life” as its COVID slogan for the nation. Read on!


“Back to Life” is Israel’s COVID message.

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“Israel owes COVID-19 Vaccination success to system of universal coverage and community infrastructure”

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“Israelis no longer required to wear masks outside starting 18 March 2021, as COVID ebbs”

As Independence Day comes to an end, health minister’s announcement of latest milestone in beating back the pandemic gives country another cause to celebrate

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“Israel to reopen for foreign tourists on 23 May, 2021”

“After closing its borders to non-Israeli passport holders in March 2020, the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health have formed a plan, which will allow the country to reopen cautiously to foreign tourists from next month. From May 23, foreign tourists will be allowed into Israel as part of organized tour groups and providing they have been vaccinated.”

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Photo: Depositphotos