Emotional Marketing connects us all

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce volume 1 of “KOL Israel Bonds”, our monthly online magazine, the voice of Israel Bonds international.

KOL is designed as a platform aimed at keeping in touch and engaging with our Leadership, peers, colleagues from overseas, our valued clients and our general digital audience.

Every issue we will tell you about major events that were held in one of our cities, in Europe or Latin America. We will talk about major events coming up, about joint European & international projects and unique initiatives. We will also talk about our best resource, our valued leadership and dedicated professional staff. We plan on featuring a leadership profile in each issue.

I would like to thank the entire team that worked very hard to a tight schedule to create this magazine:  the marketing department,  the compliance team in N.Y., Paris and London and I finally would like to thank our country directors and staff in our different offices for the hard work they do as shown in the magazine.

Each of them will continue to create content that we can share with you which we hope that you in turn will also share onwards.

KOL Israel Bonds is an E-Magazine because it’s electronic, but I really hope that with the right content and involvement from all of us it can become a different E-Magazine, one that is both engaging and emotional. 


Arnon Perlman
Executive Director
International Sales and Operations
Europe and Latin America
Israel Bonds/
Development Company for Israel (International) Ltd