Meet the Women of Israel Bonds
Women’s Division International

Isabelle Amsallem


Isabelle Amsallem

Within a few short months, as the pandemic took hold, the Israel Bonds Women’s Division International was able to gather about 70 women in the Paris region and in Lyon. This group is characterized by its dynamism and commitment to support Israel through Israel Bonds.

Many meetings and events took place by video, at a distance. A series of events on the theme of wellness was a great success. Of course, we are all waiting to get together in person as soon as possible after this unprecedented period.

Being members of Women’s Division is so natural to us. I believe it is in our nature as Women build communities and cultivate our traditions for the next generation. During our meetings, ideas are exchanged and implemented to promote Mazal Tov bond campaigns.

The objectives of the new school year are, among others, to increase the number of participants. As soon as we can get together again, without a screen in between, our goal is to organize a lunch event featuring
an important personality.

We want to inspire, share, and talk about Israel and Israel Bonds in our communities, our associations, our circle of friends and of course in our homes with our families.

The cause is great; the cause is beautiful!

As the late President Shimon Peresonce said, "the strong ties between Israel Bonds and the State of Israel...have proven to be as resilient and fruitful as the Land of Israel itself”.

My wish for Israel Bonds, and especially for Women Division, is that the role of women within Israel Bonds will be as important and luminous as our role as the caretakers of Jewish continuity.

We must seize every opportunity to develop our ties with Israel at the national and international levels, positioning Israel Bonds as one of our strongest, most durable community traditions. This will include, amongst other activities, making Israel Bonds part of every simcha, every celebration, from births to Bar Mitzvahs, from graduations to Weddings and much more!

The growth of Israel is our pride – a small geography, but a rich history and a limitless future for Jews everywhere.

I am proud to be Chairwoman of the Women's Division of Israel Bonds for Lyon and Co-Chairwoman for France.


Am Israel Hai!

PHOTO: Isabelle Amsallem.