Meet the Women of Israel Bonds
Women’s Division International

Liat Fleischmann

Liat Fleischmann

In January of this year, we started Israel Bonds Women´s Division International in Germany. About 15 women came together to discuss their ideas and visions for this new forum of exchange, support, and empowerment. We all strongly believe that this network is a unique opportunity for its participants and for Israel Bonds in Germany to grow.

Being an active lay leader and engaging with the Women´s Division of Israel Bonds Germany links me to people that are driven by the same passion: supporting our beloved state of Israel. But I want the Women´s Division in Germany to be more, I want it to be a place of female empowerment and a supporting network. With our events, lectures, and meetings, we want to give women access to meaningful content and to the larger Israel Bonds family. Our common mission is the support for the state of Israel – now in the time of COVID-19 more than ever.

As a mother of two sons it is very important to me to be a role model for them. I want them to learn from a young age that social engagement is important. As Jews living outside of Israel, I also want them to have strong connection to the only Jewish state in the world. With my role as the chairwoman of the Israel Bonds Germany Women´s Division, I can combine these two wishes that are close to my heart.

No matter what 2020 still has in store for us I believe that the Women´s Division in Germany will stay
active and engaged.


PHOTO: Liat Fleischmann