Meet the Women of Israel Bonds Women’s Division International

Inbal Robbas
United Kingdom


Inbal Robbas

It is my privilege to join the leadership team of the Israel Bonds Women's Division in London. Israel Bonds, as an organization, utilizes a remarkable sense of a community. Beyond an investment, it is a shared commitment, and belief in the State of Israel & its future. This idea crosses national geographies. Israel Bonds enables Israel to tap into a community motivated by a consciousness of belonging and shared values, rather than solely return on investment.

Supporting Israel Bonds activities is a very natural step in my professional and charitable activities. I moved to London twelve years ago from Israel after conducting economic policy research for the Milken Institute and working at the National Economic Council at the Israeli Prime Minister Office. My avidity for political economy, my firm belief that economic policies shape people's lives and my dedication to supporting the state of Israel led me later on in London to advise the Commercial Department at the Israeli Embassy in London and the Bond. Following my work as a policy economist and senior economist in several British organizations, I established RPC ECONOMICS which prices the cost of Regulations and Policies for our clients' operations.

Establishing RPC ECONOMICS, I learned first-hand how arduous is the experience of women to lead a business. I was fortunate to have had several role models and mentors that helped me believe in my abilities. They helped me overcome challenges that many women face when their career aspirations meet their growing family commitments. These role models helped me to utilize my strength. Focusing on one's strength, pulling your skill set to the benefit of others, is a very known Jewish concept. Women's leadership has its advantages, as we can all witness in our current period. Women have the ability to form partnerships, multitask, and be detail-oriented yet not lose sight of the overall picture. It eventuates that what made me feel initially weaker, actually made me stronger and better.

I often see bright professional women who miss the vital professional networking aspect. They are prone to focus mainly on doing their most urgent tasks and discount the value of a network. Nonetheless, it is the role models within our communities who help us visualize the entire journey ahead rather than the climb we are facing momentarily. In that respect, a women's professional network is as crucial for our professional and emotional well-being as any other aspect of our career. It is a great pleasure to help bring together professional women in London. That share a commitment to the state of Israel and a desire to build a strong community.

I strongly feel that this extraordinary new period has brought us all new challenges in many strands of our lives. Yet, it emphasized our need for a community and a shared goal. Chairing Women’s Division in London is an excellent opportunity to follow my values by supporting the state of Israel, and building a community that empowers women.

Once again, in our history as a people, unforeseeable changes took place in our world that emphasized how important it is for us to maintain, enhance, and expand the support and ties with Israel Bonds. I am very excited to be partnering with Israel Bonds’ inspiring team to lead this activity in London.
I look forward to meeting you at the next women division event in London.

Photo: Inbal Robbas