Tikun Olam: bringing new technologies to the developing world.

Yael Mevorach was the speaker for the last of the 2019 Israel Bonds International Round Table events that spanned Europe.

Mevorach, the Alternate Director for Austria, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Kazakhstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), was appointed by the Israeli Minister of Finance. She spoke of the role that Israel has held in the bank and in global efforts for advancing the developing world.

“Israel was one of the founding country members of the EBRD, which used to work heavily in the former Soviet Union; however, it’s now expanded its focus and has helped develop Middle Eastern countries post the Arab Spring.”

She engaged with the intimate discussion and explained how Israel’s global development strategy was most prevalent in the days that Golda Meir was the Foreign Secretary, and that the State of Israel is now reviewing their strategies for Tikun Olam, bringing new technologies to the developing world.

Joe Ozer, the Executive Director for the UK said “One of the ways that you can support the State of Israel in this and all their endeavours is to purchase Israel Bonds. The funds go directly into the general budget, put together by the finance ministry to utilise in all the ways they need to make sure that the country is able to function.”

The series of Round Tables was a very informative and successful project, which we’re happy to announce will continue into 2020. If you’d like to book your seat at the table, drop us a line or email to the local offices and we’ll let you know when they are.

Photos: Blake Ezra Photography