Looking back and looking ahead

My perfect gift would be one I hope we all receive in 2021…

Arnon Perlman
Executive Director
International Sales and Operations (Europe and Latin America)

Arnon Perlman

Dear friends, 

As we approach 2021, with great hope for the new year ahead, one can’t help but look back at 2020. Words cannot describe what we all have gone through in less than a year.

We have faced unimaginable challenges, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was felt in every country, city and community. It has, in one way or another, affected all of humanity.

I am proud to say that, despite immense obstacles that range from global to personal, our team has excelled, and 2020 has been a record year for Israel Bonds International. We have surpassed our goals in every parameter, and with your help, have reached more people to strengthen the bond with the state of Israel.

I am happy to share with you this issue of KOL - the Voice of Our Community, and the final edition of 2020. As this issue is released between Chanukah and Christmas, in the spirit of giving, we asked our lay leaders from across the globe to share with us their story of a ‘perfect gift’ they have given or received. With this theme in mind, my perfect gift would be one I hope we all receive in 2021: a sense of normality. I’m sure we would appreciate more than ever the liberty to do once again the simple things that we cherish, such as hugging our loved ones.

I genuinely hope to see you all in person in 2021, which would indeed be a perfect gift.