Israel Bonds Germany sponsors the “Drive by Kiddush”
at Chabad Frankfurt.

The sun was shining, the masks were worn, and delicious tschulent and kigel were ready for the “DRIVE by KIDDUSH”.

On Friday, June 3rd, Israel Bonds Germany was the proud sponsor of the “DRIVE by KIDDUSH” organized by Chabad Frankfurt.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chabad was unable to hold their traditional weekly kiddush after Shabbat synagogue services, due to gathering restrictions.

Rabbi Moshe Mendelson, from Chabad Frankfurt, proposed the “DRIVE by KIDDUSH.” Every Friday, he sets up a stand in the backyard of the Chabad house, where his spicy tschulent and tasty kigel, along with fresh challah baked by his wife, Debora. Everyone who wants to partake can stop by and pick up a kiddush meal.

For Israel Bonds Germany, there was no question that we would support this initiative.The connection to our Jewish traditions in times of crisis provides a real sense of community, safety and stability.

More than 50 people arrived to extend greetings and pick up their shabbat kiddush package.

Rabbi Moshe Mendelson of Chabad Frankfurt, seen here with kiddush packages ready to be distributed for Shabbat.

Rabbi Moshe Mendelson of Chabad Frankfurt prepares packages of Challah, tschulent and kigel as he greets community members at the Drive by Kiddush.

Israel Bonds was proud to sponsor and take part in the Drive by Kiddush event.