2020 WASN’T the worst year in history…

Yes, we all hated 2020. It was a terrible year. But even in terrible times, wonderful things happen. Here are 20 of them. They will brighten your day.

Courtesy of www.israel21c.org

By Nicky Blackburn | 24, December 2020


This was the year we learned a whole new vocabulary – lockdown, PPE, furlough, Covid-19. It was the year that the facemask went from being inconceivable to being ubiquitous.

It was also the year where businesses and industries crashed, unemployment rose dramatically, events were canceled, airports ground to a halt, and loneliness and separation became a way of life for people everywhere. It was a year dominated by recession, sickness and death. It was the year of corona.

There is absolutely no denying it — 2020 was a horrible year.

And if all the heavy global disruptions of the pandemic weren’t enough, it was also possibly the worst year yet in terms of climate change as massive wildfires swept Australia and the United States, once-in-a-century storms and extreme weather events became increasingly common, and climatologists discussed the possibility of force 6 hurricanes.

But it wasn’t all bad. Truly.

2020 shouldn’t be consigned to the scrap heap of history, because despite it all, many amazing things did happen.

Here are a few of them. Read them and take heart. Humanity is often at its best during adversity.

  1. Suddenly things are getting normal in the Middle East
  2. Corona sent Israel into innovation overdrive
  3. Israel sends corona aid around the world (despite problems at home)
  4. Aid isn’t just about corona
  5. In a crisis, everyone wants to help
  6. The Israeli tech industry continued to break records
  7. Scientists grow fresh dates from a 6th-century seed
  8. An IDF unit saves a baby vulture with a drone
  9. The end of the world in sight
  10. Alive and well despite a spike through the head
  11. Save a life, and you save the world
  12. Israel’s military inclusion program inspires the US military 
  13. First it was wine, now it’s whisky
  14. Your toilet is about to diagnose illness
  15. The honeybees haven’t been forgotten
  16. Did scientists really just discover the cure for aging?
  17. Thank heavens for Israeli TV
  18. X-rays, synthetic corneas and diabetes – it isn’t just about corona
  19. Flying cars, of course
  20. Supermarkets with farms in the parking lot


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