A positive way to connect with the various layers of our community and beyond

It has been two and a half years since I had the privilege of joining the Israel Bonds
organization to develop our activities with French-speaking countries.

This was a very rich and intensive time, with our team facing numerous challenges to finalize
the restructuring of the office and to reestablish the Israel Bonds presence.

We were very busy with all operations, including an office relocation, expanding our team, and increasing awareness about Israel Bonds.

In this context, we can say that Regional Directors have to be creative and adaptable,

elaborating on strategies, and implementing a sales-oriented action plan together
with the entire team.

When putting it this way, it may sound like any other industry. But the more I was

meeting with bondholders, prospects, and colleagues from different regions, it
became clear to me there was more to this business.

Working for Israel Bonds is in
fact being empowered with a mission. The mission includes reinforcing a strong link between the State of Israel and Diaspora communities, and even beyond to the broader community.
giving the medium for people to bond with each other in a common cause.

There is no simple way to achieve this but to go and meet with the people, whether

they are in large or smaller communities, be they in the south or east of France.

Meeting people also means in groups, at various events throughout the year. We

nurture our relationships by bringing people value at these gatherings, in content
and also through networking opportunities.

Our events are rendezvous that bring together people whose paths do not

necessarily cross. The launch of the Pan-European ‘Round Table’ event series is the
best proof of how we can provide access to an international network. Moreover,
students from the top universities and business schools have told us that events in
our office are some of the only occasions they have to meet and mingle.

On other occasions we try and share our values. For example, we held events in

celebration of International Women's Day and a ceremony to honor the memory of
two of our great Volunteer leaders. People appreciate our value-based approach and in
turn, they help us with introductions to their contacts.

This year is dedicated to our Volunteer-leadership and as part of this, we will be hosting our

first leadership Council meeting.

Last March, during an all-staff staff retreat in New York City, I was very impressed by
the diversity of our global team, and in many cases by the length of service within
Israel Bonds.

This year, Lisette, the soul of our Paris office, is celebrating twenty years of ‘duty.’

The reason for this longevity can be found in our unique business culture, where

everyone is open and willing to help each other, and where all of us appreciate the
meaningful cause that we serve.

I feel proud to be part of it all, and I am confident we will soon see Israel Bonds

flourish even more in our region.


 Jonathan Touboul
French Speaking Countries