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Israel’s Diversity Shines Brightly at Festival Celebrating 70 Years of Extraordinary Achievements

Israel Bonds participates in 3-day festival organized by the German-Israeli Association

“We want to spotlight the colorful life of Israel – so much of Israel is multicolored,” said Hellmut Königshaus, President of the German-Israeli Association. Israel’s creative energy was showcased at various booths and interactive events, including investing in Israel bonds, beach parties with DJs, Krav Maga courses, and a giant bouncing castle for kids (which was also used by ‘older’ volunteers of the New Leadership Division – after their volunteer work hours, of course!)

Michael with Jeremy Issacharoff, ambassador of State of Israel to Germany (Photos: Stephan Fichtner)

New Leadership was well represented. Stephan Fichtner participated in a pro-Israel panel and several New Leadership volunteers read children stories to their young audience.

Diversity and acheivement is reflected in the story of Israel and Israel bonds - initially, investors in Israel bonds were largely members of the Jewish community who wanted to help Israel. Over time, as offerings began featuring multiple rate and maturity options, the investor base became increasingly diversified. Private and institutional investors alike now view Israel bonds as a means of strengthening portfolios in addition to supporting Israel. Other investors in Israel bonds include corporations, insurance companies, associations, unions, banks, financial institutions, universities, foundations, churches and synagogues.

Visitors to the Israel bonds booth inlcuded Yehiel "Hilik" Bar, Secretary General of the Labor Party and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset; and Volker Beck of the Green party, President of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group of the German Bundestag.

Michael with Yehiel Hilik Bar, Vice President of the Knesset (Photos: Stephan Fichtner)

Israel Bonds Booth at a 3-day festival organized by the German-Israeli Association (Photos: Annina Schmidt)