As the New Year 5780 begins, revival of prominent Israel Bonds leadership builds on past and speaks to a bright and active future

The inaugural meeting of the new Israel Bonds Campaign Advisory Council for France was held on 18 September 2019, in our Paris offices.

Jonathan, the Director for France, emphasized the inclusiveness of the bonds organisation, and the diversity of its volunteer lay leadership.  “Israel Bonds is all about making a direct connection between our communities in the Diaspora and Israel.  As we are focused on all of Israel, we can benefit from a wide pool of influential lay people whose work for an array of Israel-based causes strengthens our common efforts.”

Jonathan went on to say that Leaders from various organisations, communities and regions were represented at the meeting, including Edmond Levy, who brings a wealth of insight from decades of his involvement with Israel Bonds.

Arnon Perlman, the Executive Director for International Sales and Operations in Europe and Latin America, explained that these meetings and overall Leadership involvement are “essential to our success. And let’s be clear – our success is not about the self-aggrandizement of the Israel Bonds organisation.  When we succeed, Israel directly benefits, and we can feel good knowing we are doing our part to help ensure that ‘innovation nation’ will thrive far into the future.”

“The meeting was inspiring and energizing, detailing a range of plans for 2020 including plans for the launch of an Israel Bonds program in one of the largest Synagogues in France,” said Perlman.  “These grass-roots programs, which activate families and young people early on, are crucial with regards to continuity and cultivating the next generation of investor.  We are also committed to continuing our Pan-European Round Table series, which cover a wide spectrum of topics, engaging speakers and ideal networking opportunities.  Unique programming for New Leadership and Women’s Division, among others, is a top strategic priority.”

“2020 and beyond will be an exciting time for Israel Bonds and with the kind of Leadership we are now attracting, we are confident we will continue to see increased interest in investors throughout our communities in France,” concluded Perlman. 

Photo by:  Meir Bensimhon