Israel Bonds and the UJIA

Watermelon Gin?

On the 22nd of September, Israel Bonds and the UJIA co-hosted an event featuring gin expert Mike Braff of Artisan Drinks, who discussed and invited us to taste the nation’s favourite drink – gin! Each of the forty participants was given a different gin, paired with different tonics to give us an understanding of how the flavour profiles of each gin and tonic went with each other. Mike designed these gins himself – infusing fruits such as watermelon to create his bespoke drinks. In a delicious nod to Rosh Hashana, he even created an apple-and-honey-flavoured gin!!!

Finally, Mike donated some of the proceeds of the bottles he personally sold that night to our charitable partner, the UJIA, for their projects in the north of Israel – a donation he intends to give in the form of bonds, of course!!