Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

The day Israel became a State

Conrad Sandler
United Kingdom

Conrad Sandler

In May 1948, I was nearly eleven years old and came home from cheder one evening to find my mother and father hugging, with tears in their eyes. When I looked at them quizzically, my mother told me, "We have our own country!" I continued to look puzzled, so my parents went on to say that there was a new land of Israel for the Jewish people. I asked if that meant we were moving. My father explained that we would not immediately be moving, but that never again could a disaster like the Nazi Holocaust happen, since the Jewish people around the world now had their own country, to which they would be welcome.

We have our own country!

 From its beginning, because the country was constantly on the alert against attack, and surrounded by people with hatred in their hearts, the support of Israel was in our blood, as it was for most Jews in the Diaspora.

At one time, we thought of it only as a charity to be supported with love in our hearts, but now, the story is there for the whole world to see: despite all the trials and tribulations, Israel has grown into an economic powerhouse respected throughout the world, renowned for great cyberspace technology, amazing inventions and world-class businesses, such as Sodastream of Israel, which was bought by Pepsico of the USA for US$3.8 billion.

I buy the bonds purely as an investment. In addition, any bar or bat mitzvah gift that I give is always a five-year Israel Bond. The recipient gets the principal and interest just as they are starting out in adult life.


Photo Credit: Blake Ezra Photography

Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

A Matter of the Heart

Dan Moses 

Dan Moses

I can´t remember when I got in touch with Israel Bonds for the first time. I have a long history with Israel Bonds and an even longer one with the State of Israel. I was born there. It´s home for me, but I live in Berlin now, running my own real estate business.

Supporting Israel Bonds here in Germany was never a question for me because I strongly believe in their mission. Providing funds to this relatively young Jewish state is a good cause. I like the idea that you get something in return: it´s a win-win situation both for me as the investor and for the State of Israel. I always tell other investors that these are the only investments I never lose on and always make money from. To my Jewish friends, I joke that of all the Jewish and Israeli organisations I am financially supporting, Israel Bonds is the only one that returns my support, even with interest!

A Win-Win Situation 

Israel Bonds Global President and CEO Israel Maimon and Israel’s ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff with Dan Moses at the award ceremony in Berlin, November 2017

It was an unexpected honor for me to receive an award from Israel Bonds. There are not many people who have received one in Germany yet. I have only the best memories of that special night on November 8th, 2017. Among the dignitaries present that night were Jeremy Issacharoff, who had just begun his term of office as Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Global President and C.E.O. Israel Maimon, and Senior Consultant, International Affairs, David Bar On, both of whom travelled from New York especially for the occasion. In all the speeches, so many kind words were spoken about me that my wife wasn´t sure she knew the person they were all talking about! I was very happy that the team from the German office, Michael Grauss and Hanita Ajnwojner, who organised the whole evening, travelled to Berlin from Frankfurt for this special event.

I met Michael, the Director of Sales for Germany, right after he started his term with Israel Bonds and enjoyed a good rapport with him right from the beginning. The Israel Bonds organisation also invited some of my best friends to share this special moment with me.

I still feel honored and grateful when I think of that unforgettable evening. It encourages me even more to continue my support for Israel through Israel Bonds. It´s more than just an investment; it´s a matter of the heart, it´s a way to connect to our homeland and to show support in difficult times. May the journey of Israel Bonds alongside the State of Israel continue to thrive!



Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Israel, we are together forever

Arlette Bisseliches

Arlette Bisseliches

I am a "young” woman doctor of Romanian origin living in France, around eighty years old.
All my life, I have been in contact with Israel, its culture, its problems, its history!
One of my most memorable life events occurred one day in January 1975, when we had organised a trip to Israel with a group
of young doctors.
When I arrived at the airport, I realised that I had forgotten my passport. Back home, I gathered my papers, and miraculously managed to board the plane.

Here…is the young man who saved
your life!

It was an EL AL flight departing from Orly Airport in Paris. As soon as I fastened my seatbelt, the plane took off suddenly, without any of the usual preliminaries. I was a little surprised, but the flight was very pleasant, and the crew took care of everything. Around 4 p.m. the men got up to pray, as is usual on such a flight.  But half an hour before our arrival, the captain made an announcement that
froze our blood!

We had been the target of terrorists, who had tried from the terrace of the now-closed Orly Airport to shoot at the fuel tanks of the plane. But the security agent inside the plane, while shooting "surgically" at the terrorist's hand, dropped his weapon and the plane took off very, very suddenly! When we arrived in Tel Aviv, the city was very dark; there was little artificial light due to budget restrictions, but we were authorised to contact our families using phones for free, to reassure them.

Some years later, when my two sons were at the Israeli school of Paris, my husband and I met Mordechai Keddar, the director of the school, an extraordinary gentleman, and also of Romanian origin. We met in a Romanian restaurant and kissed each other in greeting. Then Mordechai pointed his finger at his young guest and said, “here is the man who shot the attacker of your plane, and who saved your life!” This remarkable story demonstrates how inextricably our lives are bound to Israel. Israel, we are together forever, and this is why we have always been great supporters of the Israel Bonds organisation. Happy 70th Anniversary to Israel Bonds!


Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Our unconditional commitment to the State of Israel

Alain Sebban

Alain Sebban
Président Consistoire Juif Régional
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

It is through his words in each of his speeches that our sadly missed Emile Azoulay (z”l), when he was European President of Israel Bonds, affirmed our duty towards Israel. 

An investment for our future and that of our children. 

On each of my visits to Israel, I was proud to show all the important infrastructure projects, such as airports, schools and port facilities in the country that have been built thanks to the support of Israel Bonds.

Today, even more than yesterday, we must invest in Israel Bonds so that the country, so dear to our hearts, continues to progress, to grow and to modernise, because our involvement is an investment for our future and that of our children.



Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

I’ve been involved with Israel Bonds since its founding until today.

Marcos Karniol

Marcos Karniol

My name is Marcos Karniol. I’m a businessman residing in São Paulo, Brazil, who has been involved with real estate for over half a century. I’ve also been involved with Israel Bonds since its founding until today, and I feel honored to say that I am connected with this entity, both through its actions, and in my heart, for the love I have
for this movement.

I believe I am one of the only people in my state of São Paulo who is still alive today, that was at the first meeting of the Israel Bonds committee several decades ago. I continue to engage and interact with the bonds organisation and the people I have met through it from around the world.

My wife Rebeca and I took part in the majority of international delegations organised by Israel Bonds, which were always held in a different “Old World” European country, where there are Jewish communities with centuries of history. Afterward, all group members travelled directly to Israel for another week of work and meetings with local authorities.

These are memories that we all cherish.

Ideas were exchanged and new actions flourished…always with the wellbeing of Israel in mind.

I remember as if it happened yesterday a visit made by our group on one of these trips to a settlement that had just been created with the help of Israel Bonds. Rebeca and I, just as other couples in the group, were invited to the homes of recent olim (new immigrants) to Israel. The couple we met with had recently emigrated to Israel from what was then the Soviet Bloc. I was surprised when I entered their home, modest-looking at first glance, to observe the finest tablecloths, with embroidery made by the hostess’s grandmother, and beautiful silverware-- the most valuable belongings they were able to bring from the country they had left. Then the hostess told us with enthusiasm that these belongings had been inherited from her parents and grandparents before them, and that she couldn’t describe her happiness at being able to host us in their new home and make use of these precious possessions for the first time since they had made aliyah three years before. This hearty reception showed us their genuine gratitude for our assistance in helping their family settle in Eretz Israel.

To me, the great advantage of these trips in Israel and abroad were the interactions we had with others affiliated with Israel Bonds from around the world. Ideas were exchanged and new actions flourished and were executed, always with the wellbeing of Israel in mind.

After the establishment of the State of Israel, the subsequent creation of Israel Bonds allowed strong forces to unite, so that the effort that had been made to that point only by the Jewish communities in Europe then became the global effort that has now assisted in the development of modern-day Israel.

The growth of this global effort is pursuant to the old Jewish teaching that tells us: Im Ain Ani Li Mi Li, meaning “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?” 

Nowadays, there is not a single sector in the State of Israel that has not benefited from the assistance of Israel Bonds: the creation of new homes for olim , new roads and power grids, transportation systems, treatment  facilities that transform waste water into drinking or irrigation water, medical and hospital services, schools and universities, as well as countless others.

My message is directed to those who are already friends of Israel Bonds, as well as future friends, to explain my belief that our engagement with Israel Bonds is indispensable and its significance grows day by day.  Part of the Israel Bonds mission is to cement the relationship between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.  Equally important is the nurturing of new investors and leaders, who can embrace the movement and become Dor Hamshech, or “the generation of continuation.”


Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Bonding with Bobe and Zeide

Raquel Feldman and Nathan Feldman

Raquel Feldman

“Bonds” was a term we continually heard at home during our childhood, but over the years, its meaning has changed for us.

When we were kids, Bonds meant two things:

1)         The Chanukkah gelt (Hanukkah money) we received each year from our Bobe (grandmother) and had to keep very safe to be able to purchase something in the future, and

2)         The fun it was each Sunday we visited that same Bobe to help her to cut off the “matured coupons.”

After we played around, climbing on the fig tree and having a glass of Coke, she would pull out her mysterious cardboard box and a very long, pointed scissors, and we would sit down with her to decide which coupons needed to be cut.

As we grew up, the term “Bonds” started to signify a trip to Israel. It didn´t matter if we skipped school or were sick-- if my Zeide (grandfather) was travelling on an Israel Bonds delegation to Israel, everybody would go with him.

helping the most precious thing in your heart, Eretz Israel. 

We traveled countless times together with my Zeide and/or my father, and were treated as important people. They took us to exclusive places and we met highly-ranked people in various governments: prime ministers, presidents, ministers and Knesset members, as well as high-ranking officers from Tzahal (Israel Defense Forces). Everyone shook our hands and hugged us warmly, and of course, being kids, we felt important, but didn´t understand the reason why. However, we understood that being part of the exclusive Israel Bonds club had its benefits.

Nathan Feldman

While growing up and maturing, we started to understand that  “Bonds” didn’t only mean fun with our Bobe or trips to Israel: each time we heard on the news or at school that there was trouble in Israel, we immediately heard at home that a campaign to show our support for Israelis had to be organized, that money had to be collected.

On every important occasion in our lives-birth, bar or bat mitzvah,
wedding-- we received a State of Israel bond as a gift, and understood that these are the best gifts with a double meaning behind them:  they are given to you thinking about your future because they get paid when you will surely need them, and at the same time you are helping the most precious thing in your heart: Eretz Israel.


Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Reflections on my Israel Bonds career

David Bar On

David Bar On

During my fifty years with Israel Bonds, two periods particularly stand out in my mind.

The first concerns the era around the Yom Kippur War. During that difficult time, I was sent from Israel to several Latin American cities, especially in Venezuela. Leaders from different organisations came to help me approach the maximum number of people possible to be involved with Israel Bonds.

Hundreds of leaders came to work for Bonds from different Jewish organisations in Curacao and in other islands, in Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico City. This outpouring of help made me realise not only the breadth of the Jewish population in this part of the world, but how supportive they are in times of need. 

The second big event of significance I recall occurred in the year 2000. Through the help of Mr. Shimon Peres,
450 Jewish leaders of Israel Bonds from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe came together
to visit Morocco.

David Bar On at an Israel Bonds Dinner in New York,25 October 1998 - with Mikhail Gorbachev, Dr. Karen Baron and former Israel Bonds President and CEO Gideon Patt z'l.

With the help of Mr. Peres and the aide to the king of Morocco, Mr. Azoulay , this large group was able to meet with the king, as well as various government ministers, such as those of Finance and of Commerce, and the Jewish Minister of Tourism, Mr. Berdugo.

Then, eighteen buses took the group to Casablanca, Marrakesh, Meknes and to Fez. From there, a direct flight took us to Tel Aviv.  This was noteworthy, because it was the first and last time a direct flight departed Fez to Tel Aviv. Prior to departure, the director of the Fez airport prepared baclava, coffee and mint tea for us! Since the king did not want the plane to come from either El Al or Air Morocco, a new aircraft from a French company transported us to Israel, and the welcoming party - important Israeli personalities -  marvelled, as did I, at the arrivals board listing a flight from Fez. In Israel, too, our group was received by the president of the state, the prime minister, and other key figures.

The next morning the group travelled, once again in eighteen buses, to the Gaza Strip. We were received by the Minister of Commerce of the Palestinian Authority. Back then, we thought we were at the threshold of a period of peace, such as we are now seeing today with Bahrain and other Arab countries.

I have given fifty years of my life to Israel Bonds, and am so proud to have worked for this organisation for so many years. I have so many wonderful memories, so many reflections, so many observations.

These two events crystallised for me the importance of the support of Jewish communities around the world—communities with us in war and in peace-- to the well-being of Israel, and also demonstrated the degree to which Israel Bonds is a key organisation for the State of Israel.

David Bar On with Shimon Peres at an Israel Bonds International Conference in Jerusalem in 1995

I remember that Golda Meir said once; I cannot imagine the State of Israel without Israel Bonds. And I can say that I cannot imagine the Jewish communities in the world without the State of Israel.

I have given fifty years of my life to Israel Bonds, and am so proud to have worked for this organisation for so many years.  I have so many wonderful memories, so many reflections, so many observations.  Here are just a few:

  • I take pride in my part in finding recognized, strong, international leadership for Israel Bonds worldwide: Baron Rothschild served as president of Israel Bonds in Europe, Robert Maxwell was president in the U.K., and Sam Rothberg in the United States. I once had the occasion to introduce myself to Baron Rothschild at a major event in New York.  I told him, “the difference between you and me is that you are Baron Rothschild from London and I am Bar-On from Mexico.”  He replied, if you like, we can switch!”
  • Men of this stature signify to the world the prominence of the Israel Bond organization. And the Israeli government’s appointment to the position of Global President and CEO of Israel Bonds of a leader such as Israel Maimon, who worked with Ehud Olmert, Shimon Perez, and Benjamin Netanyahu, likewise signifies the importance of Bonds to the state.
  • Another of our great leaders was David Hermelin, a chair of Israel Bonds who was appointed by President Clinton as the American ambassador to Norway. Once, when I was planning to arrive with a group on a Friday, I phoned to check with him what time Shabbat started in Norway. He told me that in Norway, Shabbat starts in April and finishes in November!
  • When Arik Sharon was the Prime Minister, Shimon Peres would come every Yom Haatzmaut to the Hilton Tel Aviv to recognise some key Israel Bonds supporters. But one year, we decided that instead of giving out awards, we would honor Mr. Perez. When he arrived, he asked me how many awards he was to give out. And I had the pleasure of telling him, “today you are not giving, you are receiving.”

When I arrived in Uruguay as a young fellow to work for Bonds, the investors were my age.  Today, their grandsons are coming back to work with us, and we are focused on bringing new, young leaders into the organisation. This can be a challenging task, as these young people were born when Israel was already established as a state.

Leaders like Shimon Peres, Arik Sharon, and Yitzchak Shamir knew instinctively the importance of the Diaspora to Israel. Now, it is our mission to make sure that young leaders both in Israel and around the world recognise how vital the support of Jewish communities worldwide is to the health of Eretz Yisrael. 

Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

We are all ambassadors for the State of Israel

Hanita Ajnwojner

Hanita Ajnwojner

When I started my position with Israel Bonds in May 2003, I was expecting to work for a regular financial service provider. I knew about the long history of Israel Bonds in Germany, dating back to the establishment of the office in Frankfurt in 1956, but couldn´t imagine that my position meant so much more than I originally imagined. What I found out quickly is that we are all ambassadors for the State of Israel.

We have a big investor who has been with us for a very long time and regularly reinvests his matured bonds. A couple of years ago, there was a change in their managing board and a younger generation took over. The new person in charge evaluated the investment strictly from an economic perspective, and as the next maturation date approached, for the first time the decision was taken not to reinvest.

In several conversations with the client leading up to this decision, I realised that there no connection between Israel and this new manager existed, and that Israel Bonds was being considered as simply one investment option among many. I was trying to think of ways to retain this client and I knew about a delegation trip coming up, put together by our office and colleagues in Israel. I suggested he take part. He agreed to go and spent four days on an Israel Bonds delegation trip in Israel visiting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and many more important sites. The delegation met with the president of Israel and saw firsthand projects that came to fruition in part due to support from Israel Bonds

We have a personal relationship with our clients that cannot be found in other financial service providers

After his return, I spoke with him again and I could feel that this visit had made a big impression on him. He told me about the people he had met and how much he enjoyed the time he spent on the trip. I was about to find out just how big this impression was: when the next maturity date came up, our client not only reinvested, but also increased the investment. As of today, each matured bond has been reinvested and two new investments have been made.

For me, this example shows that Israel Bonds are more than just an investment option. They represent a connection the clients have to the State of Israel, its land and its people, that goes beyond an economic cost-benefit calculation. We have a personal relationship with our clients that cannot be found in other financial service providers. The employees, lay leaders and clients make up the big Israel Bonds family that has shaped the success story of the last seventy years.

Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

When the Intention is Good, Nothing is Impossible

Yael (Joelle) Sellem
Representative, France

Yael Sellem

I joined the team at Israel Bonds over nine years ago, and I
currently work in business development in the Lyon office in
the south of France.

A little background… I am married and I have two children. I was previously a Hebrew teacher and have a great passion for Israel. I’ve always been committed to turning my passion into action: this is why I joined Israel Bonds in the first place.  It is a privilege to be able to work where my heart lies.

At Israel Bonds, we work together as a family for one goal: to strengthen Israel. It is our way of ensuring that the only Jewish state continues to exist.

In March 2018, Israel Bonds Global President and CEO Israel Maimon organised a staff retreat in New York, gathering all the staff of Israel Bonds from around the world. We met friends and colleagues from near and far and attended professional development seminars and team-building activities. We dined together, learned together, connected and laughed together.

And as Richard Hirsh, our former board chairman said, “It was more a meeting of a family.” Indeed, we spent three intensive days in seminars and discovering New York City.

Thanks to Israel Bonds, I was able to realize my dream

This event was doubly important to me, as you will learn from the very personal story I am about to share with you related to that trip.

After the retreat, I took the opportunity to extend my visit by three days and travel to Canada for a very special reason.

I never knew my father and had very little information about him. Throughout the years, I was only able to learn that he was living in North America and I had given up any hope of ever meeting him.

When I was informed I would be travelling to New York for an Israel Bonds global staff retreat, I could not help thinking of my father. With some research and G-d’s help, I found out that he was living in Canada - but where? Would three days be enough to complete my search for answers?

I had little time and little information. A friend had referred me to a family who welcomed me very warmly and took me to several synagogues. Perhaps because G-d had his own way of guiding us, I met with a rabbi who listened to my story and made the connection. He heard a similar story from my father and knew where to find him.

By the end of my first day in Canada, I met my father! It was a magical moment. Suddenly I had a family and the gift of brothers and sisters.

I had an extraordinary and unforgettable Shabbat. Thanks to Israel Bonds, I was able to realise my dream.

During those three days, many miracles happened. This is what Israel Bonds is about, creating miracles, because when the intention is good, nothing is impossible.

Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Helping the State of Israel become the strong and successful nation it is today

Florrie Raymond
United Kingdom

Florrie Raymond

I first heard of Israel Bonds in the U.K. in the summer of 1986. I had seen an announcement in the Jewish Chronicle that a Mr. Martin Boston z”l had joined the Israel Bonds board of directors.

Soon after, I was sent by a recruitment agency for an interview with the shaliach/managing director, Mr. Sam Bloom, and was employed as his secretary. However, within six to eight months, his tour of duty was over and he was replaced by Mr. Gideon Selinger, who got me involved with events, clients, sales, and more.

I have far too many special memories and events to mention here, so I will share with you just two.

The first one involves my first-ever sale of a $5000 Israel bond. This occurred at an event we held at St. John’s Wood Synagogue during the first Gulf War.

The second memory is of the largest sale I made. This happened in August 1997, when the shaliach/managing director, Mr Jack Gilenberg, was on holiday in Israel. I answered a telephone call from a bank. They were enquiring about investing thirty million dollars in Israel bonds. I was thrilled when they subsequently did just that!

It is my heart, my soul, and my family

I have been with the Bonds organisation now for over thirty years. The purpose of selling Israel bonds is twofold. It is about generating valuable funds for the development, maintenance and strengthening of Israel’s infrastructure. More importantly, it is about the preservation of a strong, unbroken umbilical cord between Israel and the Diaspora.  For me, therefore, working for Israel Bonds is working for the state of Israel itself. As such, it is a privilege and very precious to me. It is my heart, my soul, and my family.

Seventy years on since David Ben Gurion launched this program to rejuvenate the Negev, Israel Bonds can take immense pride in its remarkable achievement in helping the State of Israel become the strong and successful
nation it is today.



Past, Present & Future
As Israel Bonds Launches its 70th Anniversary Campaign, our Leadership and Staff Reflect on Memorable Moments and Share their Thoughts on the Meaning of Bonds & Bonding

Over twenty years of happy memories with Israel Bonds

Lisette Bengio
Administration, France

I joined Israel Bonds in 1998. To this day, I can't get enough! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with my Parisian community through Israel Bonds. My life has been greatly enriched through each of these friends’ dedication and generosity to Eretz Israel.

All these friends came to visit us regularly at the office for a multitude of reasons:  to participate in organised events and conferences, to meet with lay leaders, and of course to purchase Israel bonds, but also to volunteer their time to help with preparations for our famous gala dinners, which were eagerly anticipated over the years.   

These dinners were held in the most prestigious locations in Paris and were attended by no less than 450 to 500 people, always in the presence of high-ranking personalities from the Israeli Embassy in Paris and Jewish
institutions in France.

I am proud to be part of this great family

Lisette Bengio

In December of 2004, a beautiful gala evening was held in honor of Mr. Zvi Ben Shalom, z'l, who was the director of Israel Bonds for Europe for more than forty years. All the participants, who came from all over Europe, were happy to be in attendance to honor this great friend of Israel Bonds. The famously enchanting singer Enrico Macias headlined the evening and serenaded the audience.

Attending the gala were former president of Israel Bonds International, David Bar On;  Israel’s ambassador to France, Nissim Zvili; the president of the Consistoire of Paris, Moise Cohen, and the chief rabbi of Paris, Rav David Messas, as well as the presidents of the Israel Bonds committees of the time:  Emile Azoulay, Gérard Aoudai, Edmond Lévy, Richard Prasquier, David Gaon and Nathalie Gaon. All united at the end to sing Hatikvah together. 

Mr. Ben Shalom, surrounded by his regional directors, instilled in us his unconditional "Ahavat Yisrael " and the desire to be a partner of Israel Bonds for the good of Israel.

Though I have been retired since the end of May 2020, Mr. Ben Shalom’s love of Israel and desire to partner with Israel Bonds still motivates me today to continue to share my enthusiasm and experience in support of Israel Bonds. I am proud to be part of this great family.