Israeli ed-tech helps teachers launch an unusual school year

‘Distance learning is not about using Zoom to deliver what you did in the classroom,’
explains one of Israel’s ed-tech entrepreneurs.

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By Abigail Klein Leichman  August 24, 2020



This is a back-to-school season like no other. With the world still in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of students will attend class online for at least part of every week.

The challenges are great, from connectivity issues to not enough devices for each child, to a lack of social contact. Still, remote classes will be part of the education landscape for a long time if not forever.

This presents many opportunities for Israel’s approximately 400 educational technology companies.

What specific problems are associated with remote learning in Covid times, and how can Israeli ed-tech help solve these problems?

ISRAEL21c posed these questions to MindCET, the ed-tech innovation center of Israel’s nonprofit Center for Educational Technology.

Surprisingly, the answer was more about logistics, socialization and structure than about software, hardware and content.

“School was the daily routine for kids and suddenly it’s not there anymore,” says Cecilia Waismann, vice president for R&D at MindCET.

“At first, everyone thought the main problem was content, and so kids and parents were being overloaded with content,” she says.

“Structure is really the main problem. There’s also the social/emotional aspect. For example, recess is very important for kids.”

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