“Over a bottle of wine many a friend is found”
(Yiddish proverb)

“I cook with wine… sometimes I even add it to the food”
(W.C. Fields)

Israel Bonds Wine & Business Club.

Israel Bonds in France has launched a new club at a series of events with Yayin Kosher, purveyor of fine Kosher wines.

The first event in Paris this January brought together 25 people and a mid-April event in Lyon attracted nearly 50 oenophiles (wine lovers) who also have a shared love of Israel.

“We see this new club as a sociable way to network and share our connection to Israel through Israel Bonds,” said Jonathan Touboul, Director for the French Speaking Countries.  “Wine conveys values such as a link to the land, hard work, and of course, friendship.”

The Israel Bonds Business & Wine Club features wine expert and sommelier Chelomo Corcos, who oversees the production of Kosher wine in Bordeaux and the region.

“Monsieur Corcos provides guidance on selecting the best wines for any budget, and he explains the impact of modern technologies on the wine-making process. One of the most interesting parts of the experience is when he explains the main differences between French and Israeli wines,” said Touboul.

The Lyon event took place at the prestigious Salon Vatel. Thanks to Alain Sebban, a prominent leader in the Jewish community and a good friend of the Israel Bonds organisation.

“Wine has been made in the land of Israel since biblical times. It is also noteworthy that the modern Israeli wine industry was founded by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, owner of the Bordeaux estate Château Lafite-Rothschild.  In so many ways, this club ties together our support for Israel and our appreciation for wine in an atmosphere of true friendship and bonding.

“Anyone who would like to find out more can reach us at” notes Touboul.


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