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A Growing Nation of Continued Well-Being and Prosperity

In 2017, Israel ranked ahead of United States, Britain, France and Italy in the annual World Happiness Report, a survey of global societal well-being that ranks 155 countries by happiness levels using variables such as GDP per capita and healthy life expectancy.

Israel leads the world in the number of researchers per capita, it is second in research and development and the third in high-tech density.

Overall, the ‘start-up nation’ ranks at #10 globally as 2017’s most innovative nation in the world, according to Bloomberg Innovation Index, moving up one notch from 2016.

With a growth rate standing at 1.8 percent, the highest in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Israel’s population topped 8.7 million on Erev Rosh Hashanah 5777.

Israel’s birth rate was 3.11% on the year, with 181,405 babies being born, and the country saw 27,000 people move to Israel over the last year of whom 25,000 were new immigrants.

In a statement issued August 4, 2017, credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s raised the outlook on Israel’s debt profile to "positive" from "stable," and held Israel's debt rating stable at A+, which means it could raise the grade a notch in the next two years.

"The rating action reflects our opinion that Israel's improved fiscal framework and strong economic growth could enable further progress on fiscal consolidation over the next few years," the agency remarked.

The Bonds organization takes pride in the role it has played in strengthening Israel’s economy and thanks every Israel bond investor for helping to make this achievement possible (Israel Bonds are not rated).