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An Interview with the President & CEO


Bonds President & CEO Dani Naveh recently sat down with the Jewish News Syndicate to share his thoughts on the landmark Footsteps of the Abraham Accords delegation, the importance of the young generation, the versatility of Israel bonds, and other salient topics. Below are highlights from his interview.


The Significance of the Delegation

“We demonstrated the importance of Israel Bonds as one of Israel’s greatest opportunities to express support for the State of Israel, and going to those countries that made reconciliation and signed agreements with Israel gave Israel Bonds leadership and people from all over the United States a great opportunity to express their support for peace.”

Forging bonds of friendship in Bahrain


A Vision for Going Forward

“My main strategic plan for the next five years is promoting New Leadership. We have such great supporters that are my age, but I think it’s so important for Jewish communities and for the State of Israel to take more and more efforts to reach out to the younger population, to have more and more people connected to Israel, to the different kinds of activities of Israel Bonds.”

With New Leadership at the Presidential Palace in Dubai


Promoting the Double Mitzvah

“We call (donating Israel bonds) a double mitzvah. You can make an investment in Israel bonds and donate to different kinds of organizations for many other good causes. And this is part of my agenda—to really make these kinds of collaborations better and larger.”


Preserving Portfolio Stability

“Many, many years ago when Israel was established, it was a very risky investment. And today, Israel’s economy, prosperity and GDP are growing. Especially during these days of volatility in the markets, investment in Israel bonds really preserves stability, with a selection of maturities and products.”

Strengthening Israel’s Economy and its Future

“When I was a kid in Jerusalem, we faced the Six-Day War and we literally had an IDF artillery base in our backyard. You could smell not only the gunpowder, but you could smell a fear for Israel’s future. Israel is still facing threats to its future.  And the lessons, especially as you watch these terrified children in the bombardment on the streets of Ukraine, is that Israel must be strong enough to defend itself by its own capabilities, without the need to beg others. And in this respect, I totally believe that one of the best ways to do that is by those investments in Israel bonds, by expressing your support by strengthening the Israeli economy and Israel’s future.”

A warm welcome from Israeli President Isaac Herzog


A Moment to Cherish

“The sight of those guest speakers (in the UAE and Bahrain) standing behind an Israel Bonds podium, and taking selfies with delegates, were highlights we will always cherish.”

Selfie time in Dubai

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