Israel Bonds Welcomes Israeli Innovator Efrat Roman
To Women’s Programs


Showcasing Israel’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Development Company for Israel
(International) Ltd/Israel Bonds welcomed Efrat Roman, inventor, founder and CEO of EZBra, to two
events designed to facilitate the participation of women in activities of Israel Bonds in the UK.

EZbra CEO and founder – Efrat Roman

Also speaking were Israel Bonds Women’s Division Chair Laura Orzy and Bonds Global President & CEO 
Israel Maimon.

Israel Bonds Women's Division Chair – Laura Orzy

The two events – luncheon and a dinner on 22 nd of January, were in addition to Israel Bonds being a
sponsor of the first conference of the Jewish women in Business Network on the 21 st and 22 nd of the month at the London Stock Exchange.

Ms. Roman, who spoke at both the lunch and dinner, is a breast cancer survivor with an extensive family 
history of the disease. The founder of Cure Diva, the first and most extensive online shopping and community breast cancer platform, launched EZbra Advanced Wound Care Ltd., which offers a state-of-the-art wound-care medical device for women undergoing breast surgeries. She said “The most common question I'm being asked is how come nobody thought about EZbra before. The answer is that most of the surgeons are men, and they never even thought about the way women felt during recovery”.

UJIA Chairman – Louise Jacobs, Ruth Green, Israel Bonds Women's Division Chair – Laura Orzy,
Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem – Fleur Hassan Nahoum and Yael Simon

Women’s Division Chair Laura Orzy spoke of the prominent part women have played in the

achievements of the Bonds program since its launch in 1951. To date, worldwide sales have exceeded
$42 billion.

Global President and CEO Israel Maimon addressed the inventive spirit of Israel, praising the role

women such as Roman have played in facilitating the ground-breaking culture of Start-Up Nation. He cited Facebook Chief Executive Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who declared, ‘The easy days ahead of you will be easy. It is the hard days - the days that challenge you to your very core - that will determine who you are.” Maimon noted that “these words define Israel, a nation that has surmounted challenge and adversity, and today is changing the world through extraordinary advancements in science and technology.”

The Israel Bonds enterprise ranks among Israel’s economic and strategic resources, helping to build

every sector of Israel’s economy. Proceeds from the sale of Israel bonds have played a role in Israel’s
rapid evolution into a global leader in high-tech, greentech and biotech.

EZbra CEO and founder – Efrat Roman, Israel Bonds Women's Division Chair – Laura Orzy,
Candida Gertler OBE, Nicola Loftus, Israel Bonds Senior Sales Executive – Orit Usharovsky
and ELAL Norther Europe Managing Director – Ornait Bet Halachmi

Blake Ezra Photography