70 ans de Bonds 

Rabbi Professor Dr. Elisa Klapheck

“How Business-Friendly is the Torah and Talmud?” Rabbinical discussions about money, credit, profit, and global economic crises in Judaism.

11/11/2021 Germany

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Anne Sinclair

Une rencontre intime avec journaliste et auteure, Anne Sinclair

09/11/2021 France

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Women Raising Capital

A Discussion with Elinor Honigstein, Louise Jacobs & Avishag Bohbot

12/10/2021 UK

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Prof. Ric Williams

"Climate Change: The Science and Challenge of Moving to Net Zero"

13/09/2021 UK

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La Grande Conference du Rav Elie Lemmel

“How to Renew Ourselves in Joy”

31/08/2021 France

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Margalit Dweck & Linda Dangoor 

"Happy Cooking for a Sweet New Year"

31/08/2021 UK

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Dr. Nachman Shai

Minister of Diaspora Affairs of Israel discusses how he plans to boost Israel‑Diaspora relations.

26/07/2021 Global


Shira Haas

An Intimate Conversation with Israeli Actress, Shira Haas

14/07/2021 Global

Operation Brothers

Daniel Limor & Ariel Wizman
La genèse du film adapté par Netflix

5/07/2021 France

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The Green Park Documentary

Free screening and nostalgic Q&A with Producer Marsha Nuriya Lee

23/06/2021 UK

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Red Sea Spies

The True Story of Mossad’s Fake Diving Resort
Featuring: Dani Limor, Mossad Commander & Raffi Berg, Author

20/04/2021 UK

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Serge Hayat

Les coulisses du

13/04/2021 France

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Israel Bonds 70th Anniversary Gala

Dreamers & Doers Celebrating Israel’s Investors at 70

25/03/2021 International

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Lord Ed Vaizey

Interview and Q&A with Lord
Ed Vaizey of Didcot

16/03/2021 UK

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Dana International

Interview avec la célèbre diva pop israélienne

8/03/2021 Global

Chef Shiri Kraus

Purim Cookery Session with
Pastry Chef Shiri Kraus

22/02/2021 UK

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Dr. Elvira Grözinger

Der Exodus der Juden aus den muslimischen Ländern

18/02/2021 Germany

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Dr. Susanna Kokkonen

“The Bible, the Holocaust and the State of Israel”

26/01/2021 UK

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Chef Ruben Sarfati &
Dr. Catherine Lacrosnière

Workshop nutri santé spécial !

20/01/2021 France

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Lord Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton of Witley & Hurcott

“Homeopathic Medicine —
Fact or Fiction?”

18/01/2021 UK

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